• Due to high demand from the Coronavirus outbreak, lengthy back order delays may exist for PPE/Hand Sanitizer like items. Reynolds will not be accepting orders for these items from anyone who does not already have an account. Additionally, due to manufacturer and supplier mandates, orders for these items will be non-refundable and non-cancellable upon being placed. Please reach out to your account manager with any questions.
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Adhesives & Sealants
Cutting Tools & Metalworking
Fleet & Vehicle Maintenance
Hand Tools
Hoses, Tubing & Fittings
HVAC & Refrigeration
Janitorial & Facility Maintenance
Lawn, Garden & Outdoor Equipment
Lubricants & Coolants
Material Handling, Storage & Rigging
Office Products, Furniture & Food Service
Portable Lighting & Flashlights
Power Tools
Pumps & Filtration
Safety & Security
Testing & Measuring
Welding & Soldering

Vending & VMI Services

Reynolds VMI and Vending solutions provide point-of-use access with complete visibility and accountability along with special reporting services within. With these solutions, customers are able to focus more on their business and less on their inventory while bringing down costs. We build custom plans that fit our customer’s needs.

Improving Efficiency and Accountability: Reynolds & Son Tells Its Story

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Inventory Management

We have staff dedicated to the management of customer inventories. Using state of the art bar-code equipment, we can provide real-time inventory reorders and next-day replenishment. Our staff also meets frequently to discuss SKU usage and obsolescence to keep on-site inventory levels dynamic. To set up an inventory management system at your facility, contact sales@reynoldsandson.com.

Vending Solutions

Vending equipment offers many advantages to larger users, by offering point-of-use dispensing, inventory management and cost accounting/reporting. Recent advances in vending equipment have made vending a possibility for smaller users as well. Our equipment/software options can be tailored to both large and small users, and can handle a wide range of products from carbide inserts to 55 gallon drums of degreasers. With our Vending Solutions, we can help get your production tooling and MRO supply consumption under control. To see if Vending is right for you, contact sales@reynoldsandson.com.

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Reporting Services

One of the many benefits of partnering with us, is the reporting features we offer. VMI manual systems, vending solutions, all provide a wealth of data that is stored in our system for easy access. We have the ability to customize reports in support of your efforts to keep your costs under control.