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Vending Machines

Industrial vending enhances our inventory management solutions to improve efficiencies in your supply chain. Our solutions provide cost savings, usage reporting and software to manage your stockroom.


The ToolBox is CribMaster's secure, point-of-use dispensing device, ideal for the distribution of high-use consumable inventory. The flexible coil layout provides ample storage for cost-effective control and can be reconfigured or seamlessly expanded with auxiliary units as your operation grows.


Eliminate the "grab bag" dispensing approach to your MRO and gain control with the secure, single-item dispensing of the ProStock. The pie-shaped sections of the carousels provide the flexibility to accurately manage distribution of hundreds of items to your workforce, in one location at the point of use. The ProStock can store an array of inventory from small items such as cutting tools, inserts or batteries to larger items like kits and hand tools. With high-capacity storage provided in a small footprint solution, the ProStock can greatly improve workflow in your facility.

X3 System

The X3 System is a solution to conveniently store and distribute tools and supplies anywhere in your facility without sacrificing valuable shop-floor space. The modular design of this industrial benchtop solution improves manufacturing operational efficiency by creating compact vending within arm’s reach of the job. This means your employees can quickly and easily access the supplies they need without any barriers to productivity. Utilizing both helix and carousel-style dispensing, the X3 System provides vending options suitable for a wide range of tools, PPE, or indirect material. The system reduces inventory consumption by providing controlled dispensing of small items such as cutting tool inserts.


The versatility of the CabLock is ideal for establishing accountability among your employees for high-use supplies required at the point of use. Workers have easy access to material through a simple user interface. You control the distribution of consumable inventory throughout your operation while gaining detailed knowledge about your supply usage. The industrial cabinet design offers multiple configuration choices for the drawers and compartments, creating organized storage of bulk inventory such as fasteners, rivets, or hardware. It can also be used to track durable items such as tools. By simply swiping a badge or entering a code on the touchscreen interface, your employees gain access to critical inventory without the use of a key. This streamlines workflow and greatly reduces production downtime.


The MultiStore is a versatile locker solution that offers automated, compartmentalized control over larger items and high quantities of both consumables and durables. Featuring 24 spacious lockers, a single MultiStore is capable of serving as a full onsite branch. By housing multiple SKUs in each locker, the MultiStore gives your workers efficient access to mission-critical inventory for the job at hand. You can also easily reconfigure shelves and combine lockers to adjust the space for specific items.


Speeding up the process of dispensing consumable items eliminates a great deal of downtime. ProLock offers quick, secure access to items such as personal protective equipment and consumable materials—as well as tools. ProLock is an access-controlled, flexible locker solution managed by the CribMaster Inventory Management System software. With ProLock, you can overcome the challenges associated with indirect material distribution in your facility.


The eCab is a cost-effective solution for managing a wide range of indirect materials, including high-volume consumables and durable items. Available in single or double cabinet configurations, the eCab has the capability to vend up to 200 SKUs at the point of use. Customizable shelf placement and user-configurable bin layout options provide flexibility to house items of various sizes. The clear, pullout shelving makes inventory easy to find and allows workers quick access to the materials they need. With an integrated touchscreen interface, the eCab is simple to use. Authorized workers authenticate to gain access, use the included Bluetooth scanner to scan the item barcode, retrieve the items, and then log out to complete the transaction. The CribMaster Inventory Management software records each transaction automatically, keeping track of usage and taking care of inventory reorders.

Snapvend™ Machines

SnapVend™ Coil Machine

SnapVend™ has chosen the “Coil” or “Helix” style vending machine as its main offering because it is the longest lasting, easiest to service machine currently in use. This is the reason why the most established companies in the industry are using them in 95% of all placements in Tool Supply and Safety Supply and because of its robust function and greatest degree of “Uptime” of all vending machine types.

SnapVend™ Locker and Variable Locker

The SnapVend™ Locker is a sturdy companion to the SnapVend™ Coil Machine. It is tethered to the Coil Machine which usually acts as the Controlling Unit.

SnapVend™ Virtual Machine

When a machine is not needed, but control and accountability are. You have a Tool Room or Crib with a sign-in note pad for employees to record their “Takes.” But sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. Losses can be substantial. How do you control this? Full-time employee at the site? Expensive hardware and software you can’t afford? SnapVend™ has the affordable solution which can save you 30-40%, because that is what’s walking out the door. And the cost is a small fraction of other solutions available. SnapVend™ Virtual Machine is the simple, affordable and easy to use answer to this challenge.